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What type of business do you need your headshots for?


The corporate headshot has evolved. Today, it is very contemporary, highly styled, and it needs to immediately set you apart from your competitors. This type of “Personal Branding” is perfect for Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Business Executives, Authors, Creatives, Bloggers, Artists, Designers, and Musicians alike. It is also equally important to style hair, makeup, and wear clothing that matches your brand or type of business and to show your brand’s personality.


  • Coordinate clothing with background


  • Look for outfits that match the tones of the images you are most drawn to.


  • Like a charcoal background with a gray dress. A light gray background with a white outfit. Pop in some color on a light or dark background. Or go dark and moody with black on black.


Or do you want a combination of your brand colors for your clothing and background?

personal branding photographer forest park

Personal Branding-Its time to elavate your brand



Do you need headshots sized for your

social media pages and website?


Once your choose your favorite portraits and I can format them for you to use on all your social media pages. Square crops for all of your profile images on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Extend the backgrounds on your images for your Facebook or your website banners giving you plenty of room to add your logo and some text.



These are items that can be added

to the headshot service and customized to fit your needs.

Do you need images of your products for your Social Media, Blog, or Website?


What visual platform are your using the most to attract clients?




I can help you maximize your social branding by curating images of your products so you can share them on your Instagram, Pinterest, or post to your blog, or website. Show your brand’s story with images that are clean and dynamic, that help attract, entice, and “speak” to your audience.




On Location

Specially designed 30-minute session at your   office. Also included,  2 retouched high-resolution digital images with copyright release.


I invite you to personal session with me.


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Personal Branding-Its time to elavate your brand

Lynda Guillu Portrait Logo
Personal Branding-Its time to elavate your brand

Lynda Guillu Portrait Logo